Area Code


Rick Brawner Steve LeBlanc John Lodge Carol Jones Bruce Bush

We all would like to thank all our friends and fans for 30 great years!

Enjoy this slideshow thru the years, and then scroll down, watch some

youtube footage of Area Code, and finally, scroll down even farther to

listen to 3 decades of "live" Area Code performances!





See Area Code "Live" on YOU TUBE!

Finally, a chance to hear Area Code recorded thru the decades, keeping in mind that 30 years ago, our recording techniques were a bit antique....

The music may load painfully slow, as old as it is, patient,

and enjoy the music!: ENTER HERE

Area Code details

Check out pictures of Area Code in action!

Take a look at our final playlist for last year...

some of us still in action with 4 Cryin' Out Loud